First time post on the Forum. This is my banebow deck...Its pretty dope. Can take down high level opponents. Can deal with most problems on the board.. Dont know if anyone has a deck similar but its super controlly and feels more like a mage fight.


Rapacious Vermin x3
Death Mage Thaddeus x3
Rampant Krygon x3
Brimstone Devourer x4
Eternal Troll x3
Murderous Hulk x3
Falseblood Cultist x4

Poison Arrow x3
Sacrificial Lamb x3
Bad Santa x2
Hunters Gambit x3
BloodThirsty x3
The Perfect Shot x3

Snare Trap x4

Turn 2: Snare trap

Turn 3: depends. If you have your ability you can deal 3 combined damage or 4 combined damage.You can pull out thaddeus for 1 ping damage on an ally, and if you have your ability hit them with 2 dmg there. If you need to deal 1 more damage to complete your task you can go Krygon and again you have your ability 4 dmg right there. Or you can throw out a troll. they take awhile to kill. and may ship it over a turn so you can adjust.

Turn 4: If they have allies on the field and you have Fasleblood and brimstone devourer in your hand. Pop him out and mess up an ally. You could also Perfect shot a pesky ally to. Also if the board is clear you could throw down murderous hulk. He looks dope.

you can now effectively control the board for a long duration. Ive taken down 300 rated opponents with the deck. Keep popping down snare traps as they become available and perfect shot anything thats too powerful to take down normally. also use Hunters gambit to card up. Also i love using bloodthirsty on murderous hulk. He just becomes a powerhouse of badassness. You could throw in Voracious arachnid but youd have to adjust some cards.Tell me what you think