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    Post SE in Social Media

    Dear Wulven Game Studios (WGS),

    please allow me some notes about your current official presence at social media.

    I took the time to check your sites of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest,
    which are shown at the bottom of your homepage under 'Connect with us'.

    Facebook (ShadowEraCommunity):
    That's your most presence account of social media as I can see which is basically good.
    But, the content of which you publish is just almost the same as you publish at the in-game
    announcements. If you only post the same news as at the in-game announcements, that's
    nothing special. Why should someone 'Like' your site to only reach the same information
    as you post in-game?

    Twitter (iShadowEra):
    Last tweet 11. October 2015? It seems that this account is 'dead' which is really negative.
    Possible Twitter fans which see your Twitter site might also think the game is 'dead' and
    then might not have a look at your game.

    Youtube (WulvenGames):
    Last video posted 7. May 2015?? This seems even more 'dead' than your Twitter. Really
    really bad. Why haven't you posted any more videos since May 2015? I'll miss in-game
    videos, tutorials for new players, unboxing videos of new released cards, epic games e. g.
    from big tournaments, office videos of WGS employees working at the game, preview of
    new releases, ... and many many more.

    Instagram (iShadowEra):
    Last picture posted 19. November 2014??? Even more worse than Twitter and Youtube?
    I didn't thought this might be possible, but it is sadly true. Extremly 'dead' account.

    Pinterest (millstalker):
    Can't see any dates of the pins because I do not have a Pinterest account.
    But it looks like that this is also 'dead'.

    You have this easy possibility to reach so many people in the world. Why do you not use
    these possibilities by updating content at all your social media accounts frequently?

    My advice to you:
    Be more presence at your social media networks. Publish more content and especially more
    exclusive content to be unique. If you do not update all of your social media sites, focus on
    the most important and close your other social media sites which is better than letting fans
    see you are not updating these sites any more.

    Dear WGS, I hope that you accept my constructive criticism and have a look of my mentioned
    points from above.

    I love this game so much and I just hope that this awesome game will survive the next years
    which is only possible if you attract new SE fans and players.

    The best and easiest way to reach this is to be more present in social media and making the
    best SE game client ever.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    This would likely require an additional social media manager or the like, unless you want time taken away from development of new cards and features. It's a good idea, since better awareness means more business, but it's probably more difficult to implement than it seems.
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