I guess its similar to my raikka aldmor except with Garth, his hero ability is a lot better than raikka but the class cards are not as good for this play style in my opinion. But this version feels less punishing for mistakes, need suggestions still tho ty !!! Right now ankle breaker feels like the weakest card, only used it once in 8 games and i didn't even need to. http://www.shadowera.com/showthread....njuring-Aldmor


-Garth x1

-Champion of Irum x3
-Darklight Apprentice x4
-Aldmor Artisan x4
-Aldmor Scout x4
-Aldmor Chieftan x3
-Ancient of Aldmor x3
-Oliver Fagin x1

-Garth's Concoction x3

-Hit List x3
-III-Gotten Gains x2
-Clockwork Soldier x1
-Disruption Field x1
-Rejuvenation Pod x1
-Ankle Breaker x2