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    [RS Seadog] LL 3.14 Templar Discard Ythan

    Hi SE community!

    SE is getting quiet now so I am gonna post something to boost it up!

    It is one of the meta decks after 3.14 update and solid enough to pass 300+ rating. Thanks to Sosilo (the human location).

    By popular demands, here we present:

    Templar Discard Ythan

    Hero: Ythan Redthorn

    Allies (12):
    4x Unaxio Bannerman ~400g
    4x Sabreen, Hand of Unaxio ~1500g
    4x Knight of Unaxio ~120g

    Abilities (19):
    4x Strength of Conviction ~120g
    3x Spirit of Devotion ~900g
    4x Moment of Acquiescence ~200g
    4x Bad Santa ~460g
    2x A Legend Rises ~520g
    2x Ley Line Nexus ~400g

    Items (4):
    4x Justicar's Cape ~300g

    Locations (4):
    4x Sosilo: Brothers' Landing ~200g

    = 40 cards ~ 17940g

    How to play:

    Ythan ability allows your ally to attack twice, which combo best with haste allies.
    In this deck, Sabreen has haste. Bannerman gives haste to friendly allies. And Cape makes an ally readied (even better!) However, they require discard to activate ability, which works best with Sosilo.

    Sosilo ability is:
    At the end of each of your turn, draw 2 cards for each ability discarded from your hand that turn.

    There are many combos in this deck:

    Type A: Knight of Unaxi
    1. Bannerman + Knight = Haste Knight (6 damages)
    2. Bannerman + Knight + Sosilo = Haste Knight (6 damages) + Draw 4 cards
    3. Bannerman + Knight + Sosilo + Ythan Ability = Haste Knight double attack (12 damages) + Draw 4 cards
    4. Bannerman + Knight + Sosilo + Ythan Ability + Cape = Haste Knight triple attack (18 damages) + Draw 6 cards

    Type B: Sabreen, Hand of Unaxio
    5. Sabreen + Strength of Conviction = Haste Sabreen (4 damages)
    6. Sabreen + Strength of Conviction + Ythan ability = Haste Sabreen double attack (8 damages)
    7. Sabreen + Strength of Conviction + Ythan ability + Cape = Haste Sabreen triple attack (12 damages)
    8. Sabreen + Strength of Conviction + Ythan ability + Cape + Sosilo= Haste Sabreen triple attack (12 damages) + draw 2 cards

    Type C: Moment of Acquiescence
    9. Moment of Acquiescence+ Sosilo = Disable 1 ally + draw 2 cards
    10. Moment of Acquiescence (Turn 1) + Bad Santa (Turn 2) = Santa Bomb

    General game plan:

    T1 - Moment of Acquiescence
    T2 - Bad Santa
    T3 - Bannerman / Sabreen / Cape
    T4 - Knight + Sosilo / Sabreen + Strength of Conviction

    Note that Sosilo only activates when you discard an ability and location, not an ally/item. Be smart on your sac choice.

    If you are interested to join our guild and access to more competitive decks, be sure to check us out at
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    Love it and been using a similair deck, only difference is i have General instead of Sabreen. So discarded cards go back to the deck. What do you think about that?


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