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    Zaladar Deck - First Time

    Hi, I recently posted two of my Ythan Decks. Both turned out very bad. I couldn't gain early control over the board and I barely made it past the 100+ rating. I switched to Zaladar. I always had him, though I never used him. Here is my current deck. I might switch to Leviosablades' Hastebomb Zaladar deck later (, but this is for now. My deck doesn't have a theme, though later everything will be changed, for I switched to zaladar a mere minute ago. Here it is.

    1x Zaladar
    2x Spark
    1x Ironhide Karash
    1x Harbinger of the Lost
    1x Deathbone
    x1 Keldor
    x1 Infernal Gargoyle
    x1 Death Mage Thaddeus
    x3 Cleric of the Asyn
    x1 Rampant Krygon
    x1 Voracious Arachnid
    x1 Belladonna
    x1 Disciple of Aldmor
    x1 Murderous Hulk
    x2 Shadow Knight
    x1 Darkwood Wraith
    x1 Crystal Titan
    x1 Kairos Doombringer
    x2 Life Infusion
    x2 Extra Sharp
    x2 Soul Reaper
    x2 Super Focus
    x2 Mind Control
    x1 Frying Pan
    x2 Shard of Power
    x2 Gold-Laced Shield
    x1 Sword of Might

    One again, this isn't a very well built deck. I just added a bunch of cards. Tell me what you think and please give me feedback. Thanks.
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    Try to focus on a strategy and buy cards accordingly. If you wish to use shard go for haste allies. If you are going for other zaladar builds buy the cards you need. Decks with 4X cards are more consistent than the 1 and 2x that you posted
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    Yeah bro you need focus. Zal will do best with 40 cards. Having so many one of this one of that isnt good. Try to find allies you like and a strategy. And never ever ever 2 mind control. Allways 4.

    Honestly i would find some zal decks in the forum by senior members and play with those till you get the hang of it.

    Im agraid youll have a hard time gwtting iver 150 with this as well
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    I can't really say much about your deck. The feedback bomb themes in Zaladar have been fairly common for a long time and have become fairly consistent. The deck you linked looks really polished. I looked through your other decks and well, you don't look like you have a very big library. Nothing to feel bad about. We all had to start sometime.

    Zaladar is a great hero in general and I basically force everyone I know to get the elemental starter deck as their first deck purchase. The reason is that with Zaladar you can make an incredible deck to farm the AI with on the world map. You might want to check out the Zaladar farming deck that is linked in my signature (or any other farming deck for that matter). It wouldn't be hard to go from the straight Elemental deck that you get for 100 SC to what I have linked to the feedback bomb deck. Quirky thing about virtually all posted farming decks you'll find is that they only have 30 cards and you can't take them into multiplayer (though you can make a 30 card meltdown deck). The cost of the AI deck I posted is 4050g or 3150g + 100 SC Elemental Starter Deck. Yeah, really. So I hope that helps you earn so quick gold for cards

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