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    Deck Builder

    Greetings Shadow Era community.
    First of all here it is, the new deckbuilder, click to open

    For now it has all basic features
    • Pick a hero
    • add cards
    • remove cards
    • max 4 same cards in user's deck
    • several type and subtype filters
    • saving user's deck into url
    • restore user's deck from url
    • generating preformatted se forum post to be able quickly share user's deck to the forum
    • generating preformatted mana curve
    • cards ordered by cost
    • search card by name

    View Settings
    • Max cards to show
    • Cards size
    • Hide unusable
    • Enable card preview
    • Fullscreen mode

    Features not yet implemented
    • more filters (like ally subtype)
    • user's deck statistics
    • login (save your deck on server)
    • other users decks preview
    • deck ratings/votes ...
    • more visual effects and usability improvements
    • more settings
    • an option to see the cards in textform & not as image

    Please Enjoy

    • 05/06/2016
      • implemented feature: export deck to easy forum posting
      • user deck is now ordered in the way it is in game (allies first, by cost etc..)

    • 11/06/2016
      • new preview feature
      • mobile optimizations
      • added fullscreen mode
      • show/hide user's deck
      • new buttons with icons and tooltips

    • 12/06/2016
      • added mana curve output
      • mobile optimizations

    • 14/07/2017
      • updated to version 3.17

    As it is in alpha for now, there can be some bugs and imperfections.
    You may need to refresh page a couple of tymes after updates released.
    Please submit if you find them.
    Any suggestions are welcome, tell me which not yet implemented features you want earlier.
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