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    Missions Impossible #3 - Bounty Hunter - TJ BlueJet24

    Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to win FIVE quick match games against FIVE of six the players listed below. All matches must be rated. After each win, take a screen shot of your game history and post on this thread. Each game will be verified.

    1. A1 Otto7 or A1 Otto7 II
    2. SL Halalboy
    3. TJ SamuelJ
    4. ETC BobRoss
    5. RS Seadog
    6. BP SamYou2D3ath

    Wins may be completed in any order. Each win must be accomplished against the specific in-game-name listed above. A win against a listed player's alternative account are NOT valid. Each win most be screen-shot and posted on this tread to be considered valid. Each win will be verified.

    1st person to complete this mission will receive 5 redeemable Shadow Crystal codes worth up to 1,000 SC.

    Contact @bluejet24 on Telegram to claim your prize.

    This thread will self destruct and end in 30 days.

    Good luck!


    Past Missions

    #1 Ter Adun - Completed by RS Deja Vu
    #2 Seven Classes - Ongoing
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