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    Aldmor Meatstalkers

    This is my first ever deck listing. I'm not the type to put up something unless it's really special.
    Sooo I've been playing this deck for a little while. Started off as a joke deck but after adding in this and taking out that, something happened. I started winning. Like Alot. Since it's final build it has probably around a 90% win rate. And I'm not exaggerating one bit. (Note: okay you got me. I'm exaggerating just a little. I'm not counting the Templar games since I'm pretty sure they getting the toy hammer soon. No need to cry over those games.)
    I'll explain every card in detail after the list.
    1 Moonstalker

    3 Child of Aldmor
    4 Darklight Apprentice
    2 Dread wolf
    1 Aldmor Artisan
    4 Aldmor Scout
    3 Aldmor Sentry
    4 Lightning Hunter
    4 Aldmor Chieftain
    2 Aldmor Scavenger
    2 Tiger Wolf
    3 Ancient of Aldmor

    4 Bad Santa
    4 Meat Wagon
    41 cards

    So how this deck works. It's strange really. Some games you are playing one stragety then others you win by another means. Just depends on what is being delt to you. I know that sounds really inconsistent, but I assure you, it is not. Like you can do the decks typical open. T2 apprentice then turn 3 scout. Notice the opponent hasn't brought in any threats so you can search up apprentice and go for perpetual fog. Or you haste kill against decks like priest (most often way against them due to tidal wave) or just the ever popular smashing of the face.

    Card breakdown:
    1 Moonstalker. Cause the dude is a beast. Literally. Only wolven hero that you don't have to shape a deck around. And look at this deck. It's a pile. Right??
    3 Child of Aldmor : weakest card in the deck, but still does so much work. It allows a nice Santa bomb turn 2 on the play while giving you a slight presence. Following it up with apprentice is a nice boost in the SE department, searching it up with scout when you are about to play ancient and already have board lock, allows fogs when you shouldn't be able to, can be somewhat of a free scout when you just want another body out there, breaks armors and weapons... Though breaking weapons is more messy, etc.
    4 Darklight Apprentice : So this is the card that powers the rest of the deck. While it's not needed it streamlines the decks performance. Don't probably need to go further into detail here.
    2 Dread Wolf: A solid turn 3 play when you know your going to need that boost in power. Usually the 3rd or 4th play option. Games want to start with child, apprentice, scout... But we don't always get what we want. If no scout or sentry we look to this guy.
    1 Aldmor Artisan: So we playing this guy with absolutely no 4 cost items? Wwwhhyyyyy??? Simple. He has the magic health for the turn 3 play. 5 is a lot to deal with. And you don't want to just walk into a fireball now do you? The real reason why he's in here goes beyond that. I wouldn't want to waste a spot on just that alone. He provides another search and shuffle when your meat wagon breaks down. And there has been a singular instance where his ability actually did work. Opponent used crystal shard and discarded a Clockwork. Which the scavenger got for me then played it for 2. Lol. Don't look for this to happen all that often. So 5 health and shuffle... Short story.
    4 Aldmor Scout: The ideal play. Guy draws a card for you to resource next turn, sets up your turns, does haste damage, grabs board position allies, etc. I have a habit of always searching for another scout in the early game just to make sure when I need something it's there.
    3 Aldmor Sentry: This guy is fragile. Probably wouldn't even be playing him if Templars weren't a thing, but when he works it's beautiful. If the opponent doesn't respond to him quickly it's a bad way for them. Backed up with apprentice it's a disable for 2 turns ever turn. While this does shut off your scout it allows you to play a dude and get board position at the cost of SE production. Good trade in a lot if cases. Even when apprentice isn't around this guy helps in controling the board.
    4 Lightening Hunter: so far every play has been.... Well not the best at getting board dominancy. This is where he comes in and at max numbers allowable by state law. He's not Aldmor so you don't really care too much about the puppy. He usually comes in and takes a lick to get things in range for the legion to finish off. And does his job with pride.
    4 Aldmor Chieftain: So what this deck needs is better attack power right? Check. Needs a 5 or 6 health guy to survive removal? Check. Those really annoying big guys need some killing? Check. This guy covers so many bases. Through the course of the game I'll resource one or two of them as they have a bit of a high cost and just searching for them with scout makes opponents play differently than they would have. But when you want something dead this is your dude.
    2 Aldmor Scavenger: So not much use here. Don't have anything to scavenge for. Just a big 3/7 defender when meat wagon is on the trail. Survives almost all types of removal and makes an impact in combat. Some players actually WANT to destroy your wagons I hear. This is the catcher. I feel 2 is the right number, but could possibly go to 3 after Templars get it in the hind quarters.
    2 Tiger Wolf: A 5/6 when on the wagon. And sometimes you need that armor or attachment or whatever dead. Helps late game in regaining the board. Fog cast this guy. Next turn blow up someone, beat up someone else then play a scout or haste wolf to take down another. Sometimes he blows his lid to take out a crippling blow or captured pray on an ancient. Because no matter what she told you... Size does matter.
    3 Ancient of Aldmor: Size really does matter. I'm just saying. First card to resource, but late game when you want that extra power you go for guns. When you go child, apprentice, scout, then this guy... It's like bringing a bazooka to a knife fight. And size does matter. Again, just saying.
    4 Bad Santa: We need draws. Lots of draws. This burst draw is just what the doctor ordered. I'd consider switching if this wasn't simply the best at what it does.
    4 Meat Wagon: Okay so you made it this far in my profile so I'll just say I like long walks on the beach or levee. Fine wine, and great conversation... Wait! That's another site... Okay back to Shadow Era. Bread and butter of the deck. You'll play this somewhere between the 3rd and 5th turn of the game usually and just stomp faces. Everything in the deck has built up for this card. You have your scavengers always looking to the junkyard to find it should it get lost. You have scouts making sure bodies are on it. Even have a guest appearance of the artisan looking to make sure it stays in perfect working order. With only 7 other non bodies in the deck it's not hard to go turn after turn on the wagon. Bad Santa can slow it, but once you have a Grinch in hand you can bypass the next speed bump. This really is what the deck is built around and the backbone of said deck. Makes everything you play completely unfair. It's not uncommon to close out games with this and a chieftain in play going scout into scout into scout for 9 free damage. Or just dropping this then a Lightning Hunter makes it a hasted 4/5 monster. I can't really explain how good this card is in this deck.

    Match ups: Pretty easy to explain. Rush mage is about 50/50. Nish is bad for you. Templar is 45/55 and everything else is cake. That too is an exaggeration but not by much. Most Heros I look at before drawing my hand and think it's already gg bro WP.

    All in all this is a good deck to play. Its gotten me my highest rating Evar! Usually I sit somewhere in 270 to 280. Right now, at the time of this writing, I'm at 297 and still climbing with little effort.
    Thanks for reading. Advise always welcome... With that said I suppose I should address a glaring issue. This is in no way an item deck. Obviously. After playing this monster and looking back at all my other builds with a clockwork, rejuvenate chambers, fields and locations I realized I was, and we probably all were, doing it wrong. I'm positive this is the way to go with Aldmor from here on out. Atleast shadow hero wise.
    I would also like to point out that while it looks like the deck lacks drawing power it really doesn't. Or it does, but doesn't need it. Either way it's good in that department. Don't believe me? Play it and see for yourself.
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    Could be better than fire snake version.


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