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    Hard-Hitting Hidden Hunters

    Hi all. I conceive of this as a control deck, where a mixture of stealth and sheer numbers help your allies stick to the board and hit hard enough to take it. It's a little bigger than I'd like right now, so suggestions are welcome.

    56 Cards Total

    Hero: Moonstalker

    Allies (30):

    Bloodpack Shaman x3
    Bad Wolf x2
    Wulven Predator x2
    Wulven Scout x2
    Dread Wolf x3
    Wulven Tracker x2
    Wulven Savage x2
    Lightning Hunter x2
    Wulven Tactician x2
    Soothjaw x2
    Tiger Wulf x2
    Griptooth x2
    Howlfang, Terror of the Vale x2
    Riphide x2


    Wulven Rally x2
    Now You're Mine x2
    Blood Moon x4
    Death from Above x3
    Relentless Savagery x2
    Captured Prey x3
    Confluence of Fate x2
    Shadow Font x2

    Wrath of the Forest x3

    Between Wulven Rally and Bloodpack Shamans, there is enough retrieval to ensure that the 2x allies aren't out of the fight all game if they get killed. I find that the steady stream of allies is usually sufficient to keep the opponent busy until you've accumulated enough resources to flood the board.

    I sometimes use an early hero ability to keep an ally on the board (especially going second) and make sure that the opponent is occupied with the board...other than that, I save them for mid- to late-game.

    The deck looks too large to be consistent, but it doesn't depend on any one card for success and there is enough draw (13 draw cards, much more than the 6/40 ratio normally used) to ensure that card flow doesn't often halt. I *have* found that the Tracker is not usually useful; I'm considering replacing him with either more tacticians to make life hard for the Mages and Priests that counter the deck or attachments to improve quality-of-life for the allies that DO survive more than a turn.

    Cards that are on probation and are in danger of being swapped out: Tiger Wulf, Wulven Tracker, Confluence of Fate. Cards that are on the edge of making it in: Wulven Resilence (suddenly that CB'd Riptide is a huge threat), more Tacticians, any item destruction that actually works in place of the Wulves.

    This deck performs consistently well in QM in the 230s. It does especially well against Hunters that aren't solo-ish Gwen, other Wulven, and Rogues. It can struggle vs board wipe, which usually comes from Priests and Mages. Elementals aren't usually a problem with their Discharge unless they're already ahead.

    Please feel free to let me know if you see anything that could be improved, or if you playtest and notice a trend that ought to be fixed. Happy Trails
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    Core of the deck is solid, but trim it down will make it more consistent. Here is my thoughts:
    -2x Bad Wolf
    -2x Lighting Hunter (Dread Wolves are usually enough to haste help to kill)
    -2x Wulven Tracker - hard to triger his ability, and smaller deck do not need that much of a draw
    -2x Wulven Savage - most of the oponents will know how to deal with him, he is so costly
    -2x Riphide - I know he is the beast, but he is basically same as Tiger+Death from Above, so if you have enough draw, the second option is better
    -1x Capture Prey - Actually if you will play more Tigers you will not need it at all, but have one as surprise is not bad
    -2x Wulven Rally - you have Shamans to get allys back, also Soothjaw helps with it
    -2x Confluence of Fate - do not suit this deck at all, you have better draw options
    and than
    +1 Soothjaw - he is damn good against Rogues (they destroy WotF) and Priests after 4th Tidal he will win you game
    +1 Sacrificial Lamb - good draw, good synergy with Tigers ability
    +1 Now You´re Mine (good T2 or T3)

    Thats how you can start. If you want more inspiration you can look on my "Dances with Tigers". I Play 2x Relentless Savagery in it nowadays.
    Good luck.
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    Can't agree with all of the above. Some of it is sound advise though.
    -2 Bad Wolf: Because he's just bad. It's even in the name.
    -2 Wolven Savage: He was borderline playable before LL. Now the most played human ally can easily deal with it. Not what you want in a 4 drop. Gone
    -2 Confluence of Fate: Because you only have 6 total attachments. This is a poor excuse for draw under those conditions.
    That'll put you at 50 cards. Then I would swap out some cards for others.
    Scout is better than predator in general. It always has a target. And knowing when to play abilities and allies is much better than attacking the occasional night owl. +1/-1 there or remove the predators all together.
    Then you have tactician or lightning hunter. One is stall the other is hasted beats. Which one do you lean towards? The reason I put them as contrast is because the real power of tactician is when you get 2 or more out at a time. That tax effect matters a lot more than just paying one more. So I'd make one of them 4 and the other 0. I'd be willing to take out the dread wolves instead of hunter if you choose to keep in howlfang...
    Howlfang or griptooth. One is aggro one is defensive in nature. Decide where you are and plan accordingly.
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    Could be better than fire snake version.

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