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    Hunter Twilight Beatdown! V1

    Hey everyone, AeonLegacy here! Im bringing you a quick decklist that ive been doing quite well with recently. So im aware that the Twilight theme isnt as popular as much now but thats ok, I still feel its a great theme to toy with and hopefully this list can show you that! This version, as you can do one with every human type, is one of my person favorites as the Hunters give you access to traps and other cunning abilities. Theres no power boost like the warrior will give you , but it can still make for a powerful deck. Lets get into it...

    Hero: Ythan Redthorn

    Allies: 17

    x4 Twilight Champion
    x3 Twilight Opportunist
    x2 Twilight Herald
    x2 Twilight Lifebringer
    x2 Twilight Luminary
    x2 Avatar of Twilight
    x1 Twilight Ritualist
    x1 Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist
    x1 Aeon Stormcaller

    Support: 19

    x4 Spirit of Devotion
    x4 Twilight Eidolon
    x3 Death Trap
    x2 Net Trap
    x2 Treasure Heirloom
    x2 Road Less Traveled
    x1 Ricochet Trap
    x1 A Legend Rises

    Armor/Locations: 4

    x2 Ritualist's Headress
    x2 Lorhon:Twilight Encampment

    So right out of the gate, Ythan is my favorite Hunter hero for this because with just a 3 SE he can make any of your allies attack twice and break through pretty much anything. Theres nothing better than boosing your Twilight Champion to 10+ and swinging twice. The ally lineup is almost all twilight with the exception of Stormcaller. Theres to many twilight cards so your deck can fill up fast if you are trying for 40-42 cards. So for champion to shine I feel its best to have a solid Twilight line-up. The support line-up is solid draw power with the help of the traps. The ratios can be whatever you wish though Spike Trap is my favorite. The one copy of A Legend Rises is a good power boost when needed.
    The Headress is another good item to make your end phase effect count more, or if you use say demetreyo or herald and decide to give champion an even bigger boost then swing twice. Their Location is the best card for consistency as its a 1SE pop and search which is just all the advantage. Avatar of Twilight and Twilight champion make for some big hitters here backed up by power boosts, draw, and traps! It makes for a fun deck and Ive been doing very well with it! Let me know what you think and stay following for more future posts! Thanks!
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    Looks like a pretty original build and I like the write-up. I think your best feedback will come from playing it a lot and tweaking it as you go. Since you said you were pretty new in your other thread, expect to be surprised (!) by your opponents a lot of the time until you get to grips with what else is out there at the moment. Good luck with it!

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    I played Twilight Ythan my first couple of months in SE. Was fascinated about it too...Still am, but for me Twilight tribe feels a little bit awkward right now.
    Did you consider to add Anmor's Call in your deck? This way you will benefit a lot more from the death of your allies and have a nice stable draw engine (the death of an ally doesn't trigger Twilight Eidolon when your Hero has Anmor's Call attached). Avatar of Twilight will be useless then though, since all other Twilights will go to the resource pile...

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