BP SamYou2D3ath and RS Silent Zodiac are looking at trying to hold a cash payout tournament. We are trying to get 80 plus participants, this will require buy ins based on the number of participants. The pay outs will also be based on the participants. All money that goes into the tournament will be issued out as rewards. It will be set in a swiss format. No mill or stall decks allowed. BO3 Hero and Deck Locked throughout the tournament. We will set deadlines for each round to be completed as we understand the difficulty of the beast known as time zones. Disconnects will be treated as a loss unless your adversary agrees to replay that match. As of right now we are trying to see how many people are interested. Sign ups begin now. We will release more details as they come as far as time of it starting and etc. For more information or to clear any confusion please contact either one of us on telegram. This tournament is designed to help bring in more users and get as much activity as possible. Thanks