Hero : (Jericho Spellbane)

Allies : (12)
4x : Devoted Knight
4x : Mystic of the Vale
2x : Justicar Alysia
2x : Eriss Fateweaver

Abilities : (22)
4x : Lingering Essence
4x : Embers of the Just
4x : Zail's Hymn
4x : Confluence of Fate
2x : Focused Prayer
2x : Sever Ties
2x : Tidal Wave

Items : (6)
4x : Incense of Atonement
2x : Robes of Mending

I wanted to find out exactly how to use the solo Jericho deck but there wasn't much information online about it so I decided to make a semi solo Jericho which there was more information on about. I will explain the deck here so other people who would want to pick up this deck knows how it plays. I am in no shape or form a pro at Shadow Era, my rank is in the 200s like mostly everyone else. Devoted Knight is NOT your optimal t3 drop. He is there to be a distraction and to take damage off of yourself. He can be combined with Justicar to do 4 dmg which in the late game can help a lot. Mystic of the Vale is a very interesting card. Her ability plays a key role in board control. She is capable of looping zail's hymn or if the opp decides to not play allies if you have Incense of Atonement on the field you can loop attachments on hero for burn damage. Justicar Alysia is a late game play. Most of the time sac him early on. He is able to make your Incense burn damage 2 for every attachment summoned which adds up pretty fast if your looping Zail's Hymn or attachments to your hero. Eriss Fateweaver is a key card in your victory. Never sac her even if you draw it early game. Her ability can help you net 2 SE which can prepare you to use your ability faster and the 5 damage is nothing to scoff at along with atonement you can net 7 damage on hero or 13 if you hit the hero with both embers.

Lingering Essence is another key card that you should avoid sacrificing even if you have one equipped because you have to be prepared for someone to take it off. This card is your life and savior. It nets you 3 hp and 1 se whenever an attachment is destroyed. It even activates when you destroy Lingering Essence. Embers of the Just is a key card but unlike Lingering I'll advise sacrificing at most 2 of these cards. Never rely on looping one your opponent will most likely kill that ally with the Embers on it and then you're screwed. This card returns to your hand if destroyed so it works well with Lingering Essence. Zail's Hymn Is an attachment that prevents an ally from being able to attack but it can still use abilities. If the attachment is removed its placed in the owners deck. The one weakness this card had was once it was destroyed it was gone so I tried to cover that weakness with Mystic of the Vale and it has come through. Confluence of Fate is a very nice draw engine for attachment based decks and you get to draw while crippling or killing allies which is gaining tons of advantage. Not only that but Mystic is able to remove attachment from hero and use it again to draw a card if there aren't any allies on the field. Focused Prayer is able to destroy any item or support ability. Use them wisely and don't sacrifice them ever unless you're desperate for resources. Sever Ties is for removing attachments without the use of Jericho's ability. I have used this card but very rarely I may swap it out but it has come in handy. It can feed Jericho's SE which is good I guess. Tidal Wave is another key card to your survival. Never Tidal Wave unless the opp brings out an ally with more than 5 health or is Zaladar.

Incense of Atonement is very useful for the burn damage. You can very easily abuse this card by looping attachments with both Jericho's ability and Mystic. Justicar makes the burn 2 damage. Robes of Mending Is my anti rush card. It heals 1 hp at the end of every turn which can be vital in drawn out games. It's durability can also be increased with 1 SE which will make it harder for the rush decks to break with allies.

Optimal plays.

Going first : T2 Incense , T3 Confluence , T4 Lingering , T5 depends on how the enemy was playing if he flooded Tidal Wave if there is 1-2 allies just Embers one of them. After that try to disable an ally and drop mystic on the same turn or Devoted knight first for baiting then Mystic.

Going Second : Basically the exact same thing except its more likely that you will have to tidal wave T5.

The weakness of this deck is Solo decks but this deck does stand a chance against solo decks due to the burn. I know this deck isn't exactly the most original deck but I just wanted to put this out there so other people can read up on Jericho and help out the other Jericho players.