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    Angry LL Vess: Ravaging blockade

    The deck is based off one simple concept: a deck that can't draw, can't win.
    The goal is to shut out opponent draw engines, drop difficult threats, and maintain board control.

    Hero: Vess Swifthands

    Allies (21):
    4x Feasterling
    4x Cleric of the Asyn
    4x Ravager Zealot
    4x Murderous Hulk
    3x Thriss Demolitionist
    x2 Brakkong, Menace of Thriss

    Abilities (14):
    4x Crippling Blow
    4x Blood Frenzy
    3x Bloodthirsty
    2x Confluence of Fate
    1x Enrage

    Items (6):
    3x Obelisk of Echoes
    3x Crown of Ages

    = 42 cards

    Keep your opponent off your draw cards is always the main priority. Once you begin to starve your opponent dealing with the bulky ravager allies is a difficult thing. Swarm, swarm, swarm the board. The deck has plenty of draw and eventually you'll outpace your opponent.

    Tips: Early game establish your board early with Feasterling, Cleric, Zealot (in a pinch) and Hulk.
    Try to avoid establishing crown until you have a couple of bodies on the board; if you need it early on though, don't hesitant to use it. Establish BF early as possible. If you only drew COF, only use the ability if you're confident you have the attachments to draw into a blood frenzy.
    Save zealots to take back the board.
    Don't play echoes onto the board where it cannot do anything. It's far better to hold it, bait out a draw engine and take the tempo advantage.
    If you're playing against a shadow hero, feel free to keep around a crippled ally as a snack to activate echoes in a pinch.
    Throwing blood thirsty on murderous hulk is extremely scary. Don't be afraid to play it and force the opponents hand.

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    Revision: -1 Murderous Hulk -1 Enrage, +2 Thriss assault plinth
    Enrage is a great card, it’s just not needed here. I’ve found myself holding off on turn 4 hulks to establish crown or 3cc+echoes to kill an early item. The deck can typically transition into midgame with the opponent having a low hand especially against newer twilight and homunculus decks. It can struggle to deal enough damage in this phase. Tried adding mantle which was great defensively, but had middling success offensively. Settled on Thriss Assault Plinth which is king of the ravager offense. I you have any ideas or suggestions to improve this deck, please let me know.

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