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Thread: v3.1000

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    Post v3.1000

    Change log for v3.1000
    Jan 1, 2016


    - Lost Lands! 67 new cards
    - Filters and search added to the Merchant Sell screen


    Aramia - Ability increased to 4SE from 3SE


    [SE-813] - AI can put its hero in the grave when it should have attacked
    [SE-834] - No Done/Cancel shown when self-targeting done
    [SE-848] - AI can get stuck in a targeting loop
    [SE-859] - Phoenix Urigon shows claw attack when fully-zoomed while ablaze (should show fire attack)
    [SE-860] - Divine Connection should check for control (rather than ownership) of attachment and ally before recycling
    [SE-927] - Heroes in Meltdown Deckbuilder are now sorted to the end
    [SE-967] - Bloodfang's ability on Riphide did not trigger Loest's Burden to draw 2 cards.
    [SE-968] - Vision of Endia did not nullify the protection of Celestial Armor
    [SE-969] - Hit List can be activated when an opposing Twilight died at the end of opponent's turn
    [SE-970] - Oliver Fagin's on-summon ability can't be used for no effect on a steadfast ally
    [SE-971] - Bazaar draws cards before effects triggered by Crescendo destruction have finished (e.g. Cryptspawn Tormentor)
    [SE-972] - Gunther's activated ability should stack if you use it twice via Justicar's Cape
    [SE-973] - Earthen Protector with Phoenix Urigon or Devoted Knight doesn't follow Standard Resolution Order
    [SE-974] - Into The Forest should NOT prevent Mind Control ally from attacking its hero
    [SE-977] - Assassination used on Demetreyo prevents his text from killing him at the end of the turn he was summoned
    [SE-978] - Grimjaw Hydra should forget an ally it has affected when that ally leaves play
    [SE-979] - Consuming Fear does not consider ability activated if Stoneskin cancels the effect of that ability
    [SE-981] - All Hope is Lost should be redesigned to put itself in owner's deck instead of controller's deck
    [SE-982] - Righteous Strike does no damage if you choose not to heal anyone

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    aramia.. is so weak
    I think it would be much better if Aramia could summon a item up to 4 cost .
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