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    Master Smith Gets Stuck

    I had 5 cards in my graveyard, the top of which was a weapon, and the other 4 were not weapons or armor. I played Master Smith, and saw 4 cards, the first of which was my weapon, highlighted in green. I then pressed the NEXT button, followed by the PREV button, and the weapon was no longer highlighted in green. I clicked the weapon, and did not get a TARGET button. I clicked the CLOSE button, and saw Master Smith floating over my graveyard. I clicked the graveyard, and saw the weapon was still not highlighted. I clicked CLOSE again, then clicked the floating Master Smith, which then enlarged and centered in my view. Nothing I can think of to try, including clicking other cards and clicking the End Turn button, makes Master Smith resolve, return to my hand, or stop blocking my view of the game.

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    Thanks for reporting.

    I believe you should be able to use the scroll wheel to change the view and see the Cancel button, but we shouldn't allow it to get into this mess in the first place, so I'll look into it.


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