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    22nd edition of WotBP surprise Pop up

    Warriors of the Blue Phoenix’s Challenge

    Welcome to the 22 st edition of “Warriors of the Blue Phoenix’s Surprise (in the middle of WC 2015) Challenge”

    1st: 1 Premium, 1 Prize, 1 Shattered Fates Pack.
    2nd 1 Premium Pack


    1- Best of 3. hero/deck lock.
    2- Single Elimination
    3- Best of 3 for all rounds, random start in game 1 and 3.
    4- Draws or sync errors are treated the same: Replay.
    5- If a player is disconnected during a game, the victory goes to the other player unless both players agree to replay or a player concedes.
    6- Match results must be reported in tournament Telegram channel.
    7- If there are players who get a BYE, they need to send a PM with their Hero choices to the TO on IRC before round 1 starts

    If there is a bug in the game, the game must be restarted unless both player agree to continue. Repeating bugs for the 3rd time will result in a lost for the player which the bug originated from.

    GL and HF!!!

    For Challonge purpose, seedings will be shuffled 5 times
    Copy and paste this into se forum
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