I would love for this deck to work, but I've either done a horrible job building it or I'm playing it wrong. Any help/tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm relatively inexperienced. Also, I've noticed I'm not drawing enough cards. What should I do to counteract that?

Hero: Raikka Spellseeker
Allies: Rotling [x4], Plightbred Runt [x4], Cinderborn Fatebreaker [x3], Voracious Arachnid [x4], Brimstone Devourer [x4], Evolving Abomination [x4], Gravemonger [x3], Phoenix Urigon [x2], Flameborn Defiler [x2]
Abilities: Fireball [x4], Incendiary Curse [x1], Engulfing Flames [x4], Meteor Shower [x2]
Item/Artifact: N/A
Weapons: Flameforged Scepter [x2], Wrath Of Summer [x1], Dagger Of Unmaking [x1]
Armor: Blazing Shield [x2], Flameforged Gauntlets [x1], Soulbound Armor [x1]

Important: I'd like this deck to remain based on it's name ("Raikka-Homunculus").

Miscellaneous Questions:
1.) What is the benefit of being in a Guild?
2.) Have new cards been announced? If so, when will they come out?
3.) I've been told that selling Pre-Constructed Elementalis decks is the mot efficient way to "exchange" Shadow Crystals for Gold. Is that true?