Serena - ThoughtStripper

3x Aldon
3x Sandworm
4x Nightshade
2x Spirit Warden
2x Fleet-footed Messenger
2x Seductress
4x Midnight Sentinel

2x Assassinate
3x Stop, Thief
4x Ill Gotten Gains
2x Anklebreaker
4x Backstab
4x Thoughtripper's Cutlass

i really like this deck before eventhough i dont like IGG anymore. and i didnt go the alternate route of elict information, anarchic looting, silent strike or skilled ironmonger... i did that with a different deck

some possible changes though from my resident Otto7 in A1
-1 IGG
+2-3 Elicit information (great great substitute for IGG at an enviroment low on attachment hate! Also great to let Serena concentrate on ally-killing for draw!!)
+2 Oliver
-- If u included 2 Elicit (for a total of 5 4cc draw engines) then u have 1 more slot for whatever u want Maybe smth like SeB for all this rush around!