Gwen - Sniper Assassin

2x Puwen
3x Aldon
2x Aeon
2x Champion of Irum
4x Zailen Crusader
2x Viska
3x Deepwood Bobcat
4x Snowland Spotter

2x Soul Seeker
3x A Perfect Shot
4x Treasured Heirloom
4x Hunter's Gambit
4x Weevil-Tip Crossbow

My Gwen. Weevil tip crossbow is amazing in Gwen. her ability works well with it.

it reallies on allies and weapons to control the board with gambit and treasured heirloom for draw.

Gwen has been hit so hard with all the item destrcution running around now (all weapon heroes have been) but thats another reason weevil is so good here cause its cheap and losing it doesnt hurt your tempo so much.

might possibly could use some poison arrows in addition to a perfect shot and maybe a couple of sorcerer of endia as well, but its a pretty decent deck