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    Skervox - SinEater

    Skervox - SinEater

    4x Ironhide Karash
    4x Morbid Acolyte
    4x Krygon
    4x Deepwoods Bobcat
    2x Shadow Knight
    4x Furrion Terror

    4x Hunter's Gambit
    3x A Perfect Shot
    3x Weevil-Tipped Crosbow
    4x Wrath of the Forest
    3x Soul Seeker

    my other Skervox deck. not too fancy for once. i havent looked at this build in a little while but i was always on the fence with Krygon. it helps a lot but would gargoyle be better?

    crap, i put both of my skervox decks in the rogue section, could a moderator move them to the hunter section please and i am sorry.

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