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    Cryptspawn Tormentor and Charred cowl of the damned

    So I played a game yesterday where I had both Cryptspawn Tormentor and Charred Cowl of the Damned in play. I think that I also had atleast 2 undead allies in the graveyard. Anyways the Cryptspawn gets killed but instead of coming back set ablaze it was returned to my hand. Is this correct behavior? I anyone is willing to let me know I'd be happy to hear.

    Edit: Thanks for the answer! Another question, why am I
    not able to reply to a thread in this section of the forum, Card rulings that is .

    Also isn't this a situation (similar to the Cinderborn and stoneskin question) where the SoR works in a way that is "not best for the game"?
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    Hi. There were two effects both wanting to send Cryptspawn Tormentor somewhere (CT sending him to your hand from grave, CCotD wanting to send him to the board from the grave). For this kind of conflict, where a card can't go to both places, we use Standard Resolution Order to resolve the conflict (see the Rulebook for definition). CT himself comes first in the SRO (your allies are resolved before your items) so he returns to your hand and Charred Cowl can't put him in play because he is no longer in the graveyard and has already gone to your hand. Hope that helps.


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