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    Fear of the Spellbane

    Alright, so i've realized players are running from my deck every time they see it. Not all, but most. Yes, this strategy i created last year is powerful but it has many weaknesses. It's an ability Jericho. I made it on an old account but now i remade it on this new account (i forgot the password on my old account). It consist of the following:

    Hero [1]
    Jericho Spellbane

    Abilities [32]
    4x Rain Delay
    4x Embers of the Just
    4x Forgiveness
    4x Focused Prayers
    4x Tidal wave
    3x Righteous Strike
    3x Sever Ties
    2x Lingering Essence
    1x Wizent's Prayer
    1x Zail's Hymn
    1x Banish
    1x Retreat

    Items [8]
    3x Scriptures of the Righteous
    2x Incense of Atonement
    1x Book of Curses
    1x Toll Bridge
    1x Wizent's Staff

    [41 Cards]

    Sacrifice a card, bring it back with Forgiveness, which gives you 1+ shadow energy, Play Scriptures of the Righteous in turn 1, play Incense of Atonement then play Lingering Essence (your opponent takes 1 damage in this order) as the game proceeds (many times IoA and LE doesn't come to my hand but there's other healing/damaging effects for this wait), Play Righteous Strike to heal and damage, play Book of Curses to reduce damage by allies, in case of a weapon, play Focused Prayer. Use Embers of the Just and return to you and heal 3 health and gain 1+ shadow energy by LE, by that use Scriptures of the Righteous to draw a card. Play Toll bridge before your opponent has 5 resources, if not, use it to sacrifice. Keep playing a Forgiveness for that extra juice. Keep using Embers to hit 1 damage to your opponent. While waiting for shadow energy, use Sever Ties on Embers. If an ally or too many allies are played, Tidal wave is used (this will make your opponent have fear to play allies in the next turn). If one strong ally is played, use Zail's Hymn, Banish or Retreat (Zail's hymn for Steadfast allies). Rain Delay is used as well to block allies from their wrath.

    Its an anti-ally deck.

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    I think it's more about people not wanting to play against that deck rather than that deck being really good. I don't really know why but it's a thing.
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    It's a stall deck and nobody likes to play against stall. There's no interaction, you just do your thing.

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