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    Quote Originally Posted by AomoriAkuma View Post
    not sure if its been mentioned.. but on android, when on the world screen, if you click the 'status' button in the drop down, and then click 'done'; it will register that click on both the 'done' button within the 'status' box, and the 'merchant' button at the bottom of the world screen.

    Edit - also noticing that when i create unranked games without a password people are not able to join. They tell me they are getting an error. However when i put a password on the game, it works just fine. This is for the PC client. Havent tested on any other platform.
    also, meant to include this, but when searching for a list of personal games; it no longer differentiates between unranked and ranked games. it includes a list of every game youve played regardless of whether or not it was ranked/unranked. this is for both lists. not sure about meltdown since i have never played a game of it ;p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gondorian View Post
    Woooot! Oh wait....I see what you did there.
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