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    Aramia Turn 5 Win (concept deck)

    First let me warn you this is not a competitive deck (too much combo oriented so a lot could go bad), it's just a fun deck/idea that you can try against AI or build around and make it better, on best case scenario you can total 28 damage (or maybe even more, depends on how you play and build the deck) by turn 5.

    Hero: Aramia (41 cards)

    Allies (18):
    4x Kristoffer Wyld
    3x Cinderborn Fatebreaker
    4x Aetherborn Wisp
    4x Tenacious Buccaneer
    3x Fortified Wisp

    Abilities (15):
    2x Word of the Prophet
    4x Bad Santa
    2x Stoneskin
    4x Glimmer of Hope
    2x Fireball
    1x A Legend Rises

    Items (7):
    4x Abomination Factory
    3x Splicer's Crown

    As you guess it's all about buffing aetherborn wisp, by turn 4 you can have something as big as 12/14.. let's see what the concept is:

    T1 (if no aetherborn in hand, use word of the prophet, if neither, hope for the best on next turns)
    T2 Abomination or splicer
    T3 Aetherborn Wisp, hero ability to summon either abomination or splicer (depends on what you already have summoned on t2), use abomination and splicer to buff wisp to 5/7.
    T4 Use 2 glimmer of hope to buff for 9/11, splicer for 10/12, abomination for 12/14... Go for the throat.
    T5 Go for the throat+ fireball. 28 Damage total

    Options on deck building and other playing styles:

    Birgite skulborn/stoneskin/cinderborn work ok as a cheap ability defender against wisp.
    Legend Rises for those nasty attachments
    Fortified wisp for an even more nasty beast.

    So here it is, a possible t5 kill (won't happen often in QM i guess).

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    This used to be much more consistent when Aetherborn was 2cc (games often ended Turn 4). A T5 win is highly possible with standard mage rush and this seems awfully dependant on perfect draws.

    That being said, it looks like a decent homunc rush alternative.
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    The deck rarely had a turn 4 kill when Aetherborn Wisp was 2cc. The game could have very well ended at that point but it was really difficult to actually deal lethal damage before turn 5.

    Then the card got nerfed and nobody plays it anymore, for a good reason.

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    aramia is already a turn 5 -win hero.

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