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I've just uninstalled mine from my iMac (dropped both Shadow Era.app and Shadow Era Launcher.app in the trash) and downloaded the PKG again: http://cdn.shadowera.com/ShadowEra.pkg

Then I ran the PKG and installed Shadow Era Launcher. I then went to LaunchPad and clicked on Shadow Era Launcher, which gave me the launch screen with some news which updated me to 2.9061 and then I hit play and Shadow Era 2.9061 opened. This is on my iMac (2013) which is running OSX Yosemite.

Hopefully that description of what you need to do is of some use! Please let me know at which point any errors occur.

p.s. I only upgraded to Yosemite today, so I can confirm it's worked fine for me on Mavericks as well (from before).
Thank you omg you're a life saver lol it worked