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    Game froze upon relog crystals missing and deck slots bought

    So was loading up old decks to update game froze when i clicked on serena ( which i dont think i ever built a deck for) game froze on loading. Waited a bit closed game, relogged and checked my status. Noticed my crystal number went down. Went back to deck builder loaded a deck and there were 2 problems 1. it asked which deck when i originally had only one slot 2. Its loaded the basic deck straight from the decklist if you bought for crystals.
    So the game bought a second slot for darkclaw, logan, ter adum, zhanna, jericho, lance, gwen, amber, boris.
    A third slot for eladwen and banebow.
    Second and third slot for moonstalker, baduruu and victor.
    Assuming the lost crystals was from all these slots bought also most of my decks were restared to basic starter deck except shatterd fates heroes.

    Btw was on android 2.904

    So since this has happened i cant have more than 1 built deck every time i save a new deck all my heroes get reset to starter decks and shattered fates decks arent/werent affected by any of these promblems
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