So at the end of my previous stream (see this thread), I talked a bit about hosting similar Shadow Era streams in the future.

The catch is, to do that, I need some fun-loving Shadow Erans willing to play for a few hours at a time with Skype, a decent microphone and an acceptable command of the English language. Bonus points if you happen to reside on the US east coast because time zone math is dumb and I don't want to do it if I don't have to.

If you're interested in hanging out, slinging some fireballs on twitch or getting some one on one exhibition matches with a developer some time in the near (or distant) future, you can go ahead and reply to this thread, or, if you like secrets, via private message. If you're interested in watching that sort of thing, of course, there are three places where you'll be notified of new content:

Youtube Channel

Boweh out.