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    Idea for Threbin control

    So i dont really have much experience with priest deck much. and i came up with a list for a threbin control list, and i was hoping for some feedback on it.

    Note that this deck is untested so i am looking for ideas and deck building help

    deck (39+hero)


    Threbin the Righteous

    Allies (16):

    3x Elizabeht Winterborn
    3x Guardian of Unaxio
    3x Avenger of the Fallen
    4x Devoted knight
    3x Justicar Alysia

    Abilities (15):

    4x Tidal Wave
    3x Focused Prayer
    1x Resurrection
    4x Smite
    3x Forgiveness
    1x Mass Purification

    Items (8):

    4x Scriptures of the Righteous
    4x Rod of Smiting

    ill repeat myself, i havent tested this deck at all, but i think its a pretty good list. please give me as much feedback as youd like. and if you already play a threbin deck, please link me to your list or one similar, it would help me a lot.

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    You know, I used to run a deck that looked a lot like this. Instead of 3 Forgiveness I had 2 Zail's Hymn for a little more control. I don't think you're running enough Templars to justify Avenger of the Fallen since Devoted Knight just goes into the resource pile. I would try to squeeze in at least 2 Madelein's Scepter. You could probably do without 1 Smite and 1 Forgiveness.

    For reference, here's my version:

    I haven't played this deck in a long time and the meta has changed a lot since then. SF was still new when I was playing this deck, so it may or may not be on par with what people are playing now.
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