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Thread: Non-mill praxix

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    Non-mill praxix

    I want to start by saying that I absolutely despise mill/stall decks. I was however very intrigued by Praxix when SF was released and have been trying to give him a good build. For a long while I thought it was hopeless to think Praxix was capable of doing anything but mill/stall tactics so I gave up on him. After the new update I started messing around with Praxix again, this time though I forced myself to stay away from most cards that would make Praxix mill/stall. With all that being said here is my DR Praxix deck.
    The goal is to beat your opponent down with your weenies while trying to pull out an exaltation, giving them almost useless(for them, with the exception of a few)cards, while hopefully stealing some goodies from there deck with DR. The more exaltations that end up in your GY the better, that is where you want them so they will be safe from DR. Preferably you would play exaltation from the GY with Xar Modulator but you can honestly slap it on any ally from your hand to make any of your weenies a threat.
    This deck is still in early test stages so any helpful comments or negative( if your so inclined to leave one) would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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