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    Question My First Deck Post feat. Bloodfang the Wulven Hero

    Hey guys!

    First time posting a deck ever and what better deck to post than a Wulven Deck?! With that said, the idea behind this deck is to apply constant pressure in an aggro playstyle. Haven't tested it against PvP but I wanted to get any final recommendation's you guys may have before I do so. A problem I can see that can cause problems just by looking at the deck are board wiping heroes as this deck is very ally-dependent. I was thinking about adding 4x Fangs of the Predator for more ally support and SOME form of damage should the board get swiped and FotP is still in play. But without further ado here goes my first deck post!

    Hero: 1 total

    Bloodfang 1x

    Allies: 20 total

    Bloodpack Shaman 4x
    Dark Flayer 4x
    Dread Wolf 3x
    Wulven Scout 2x
    Wulven Predator 3x
    Griptooth 2x
    Riphide 2x

    Abilities: 16 total

    Now You're Mine 4x
    Captured Prey 4x
    Blood Moon 3x
    Overwhelm 2x
    Death From Above 3x

    Armor: 4 total

    Wrath of the Forest 4x

    Now for some card explanations...


    I chose Bloodfang purely because of his ability to bring in any ally in free of resources. Although it takes five turns to do so, I believe its a decent trade-off if I plan on bringing a fatty like Riphide or Griptooth on turn 5 or so. Even though Riphide is a 5cc ally, if i can use the 5 resources to bring in some cheap allies like Bloodpack Shaman/ Dark Flayer or Dread Wolf and THEN use his ability to bring in Griptooth and his Protector ability, then that's alright by me.

    Bloodpack Shaman

    By using cheap allies, I feel Bloodpack Shaman will be a staple on this team. Having the ability to bring back fellow Wulven allies from the graveyard upon summoning is too valuable on a deck that relies on those allies for constant pressure. He also has the highest damage output from a 2cc ally. Despite his very low health his death can actually be a great thing should Wrath of the Forest be in play at the time of his death. Plus, I can always revive him from the graveyard with another Bloodpack Shaman summoning!

    Dark Flayer

    The one ally I don't mind parting with should another item/weapon/armor/ally come to interest. I only added him for the fact that he damages first with his defender ability which can screw some allies up. If he can defend and bring the opposing ally down to one health then he can set up my next ally which is....

    Dread Wolf

    Not only does his design look clean but his all-around style is pretty bomb. Haste upon entry and he can easily clean up one health foes AND gain a +1 attack for every damage he does. If no one deals with him ASAP he can deal some huge damage and dent major holes in decks. If he get's backed up by Griptooth's Protector then it will be a long game for the opponent (if they don't have tidal wave, etc...). Another good thing is that he is a 3cc ally which means I can recycle him with Bloodpack Shaman!

    Wulven Scout

    Only included two of these for their abilities which can save me. When played they can reveal the opponents entire hand when it's my turn and I can make my plans accordingly not to mention screw up any "hidden" plans the opponent may have for me. Oh and also.... another 3cc ally to recycle!

    Wulven Predator

    Not sure if it will be major issue for me but Wulven Predator will help against those allies that like to hide behind a protector by totally negating the protector ability and also stealth ability. Oh and in case you haven't followed the trend yet... ANOTHER 3cc ally I can recycle!


    Ok, Griptooth just looks crazy badass! Above average hit points plus if I have allies in play he get's the protector ability upon entering. If I don't have allies in play but in my hand and I desperately need board presence, I can summon the allies and use Bloodfangs ability to bring in Griptooth in freely (so to speak). Plus, did I mention that he looks badass?


    Ahhh... he's 7cc!!! Oh wait, I can being him in at the cost of 5se? Ok! Lol, Riphide pretty much has haste as he enters the game. Before he does though, I need to make sure all allies that have protector or stealth are removed to take full advantage of this card hence the reasoning behind Wulven Predator. Once Riphide comes in he automatically damages and usually kills the opposing ally with the least amount of hp left which is crazy beneficial for board control.

    Now You're Mine

    Pretty standard on all Wulven decks if you ask me or as I've seen. Simply to remove opposing allies with a cost of 1-3cc. Can't really have a decent Wulven deck without it.

    Captured Prey

    Another standard for this deck. Since I have no form of board wiping, this is the next best thing as far as ally containment is concerned and possibly to keep boosted allies at bay.

    Blood Moon

    Blood is pretty much my draw engine since Bloodfang doesn't get any form of stealth in this deck. Guaranteed extra card at the END of my turn. The fact that it kicks in at the end is probably the downfall but I'll take it over Bad Santa or Bazaar.


    Another draw engine that I can easily abuse with the high amount of allies I have. Should I have X amount of friendly allies in play, this card will do X amount of damage to all allies and heroes, plus I get a free card. Almost like, getting paid to have allies on the field.

    Death From Above

    Cheap way of killing 4cc or less allies as long as the ally using it is not frozen or disabled. Not much else to say about DFA.

    Wrath of the Forest

    This pretty much is a staple armor for any Wulven deck that runs allies. WotF can take advantage of Bloodpack Shaman measly 1 hp and continue to do so long as it's in play and I can keep recycling my Shamans.

    And that's my deck with some explanations as to why I chose each card. If you guys can give me some finals tips or suggestions before I test it in QM games, that would be great. I am still reviewing other cards to see if I can sub my current cards for anything but so far, I feel like I have a decent staple deck to run with.

    Thanks in advance for all suggestions and tips.

    *Edit- Considering I have a bunch of 3cc allies, would it be viable to maybe replace Dark Flayer for Howlfang?
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    I'd definitely drop Dark flayer tbh mate. He adds nothing here and in fact interferes with some things. You also need more heavies in the deck so you have something worthwhile to use the ability on. I'd say you need an absolute minimum of 4 heavies (Riphide/howlfang- preference to the former). I also like 3 griptooth. Also up BM to 4, its a great draw engine. I'd suggest removing the flayers and some creature removal/crippling until you have the above then continue to tweak from there.

    Also consider how to deal with riptide/howlfang getting crippled by an attachment, there are several options, and its definitely worth considering for some matchups.
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    4x of Now You're Mine and 3x Death from Above is not needed in my opinion. I would +1 to Death from Above and remove all Now You're Mine. I agree that you should drop Dark Flayer and add in more big allies like Griptooth and Howlfang,Terror of the Vale. Maybe +1 Griptooth and +2 Howlfang? Also, Sacrficial Lamb should be good if your Riphide gets disabled. 4x of Blood Moon is also highly recommended as it will be your only draw source apart from Sacrificial Lamb. Sweet deck, with a little improvement it will be even better.
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    This deck looks pretty close to mine.
    The Nym and Dfa and also CP are all needed for early board control. I would drop Dark Flayer and add more Fatties in like Howlfang, Terror of the Vale and Griptooth.
    As weapon i can suggest Jeweler's Dream not sure how Fangs of the Predator work here.

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    Do not cut NYM from your deck. The card should be run at 4.
    Lower your DFA count to 2.
    Drop Dark Flayer. Run 0.
    Blood Moon should always be played at 4.
    Lower your Wrath of the Forest to 2 or 3.
    Add 3 to 4 Soothejaw to your deck. (It is basically a walking Wrath of the Forest with a good body.)
    Replace your Riphides with Howlfang. 2 for 2.
    Jeweler's Dream makes neat plays, but I'd only recommend 2 if you choose to run it.
    Item Destruction like Shriek or Tiger Wulf is necessary. I choose Shriek because it's faster.

    Finally, if you aren't married to Bloodfang.. you'll see a lot more success with the same deck/build playing Moonstalker.

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    You should drop Dark Flayer, not because he sucks, but because having him in graveyard cancels shaman's on-summon ability. Don't get the reason wrong!
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    Pack Wolf should replace Dark Flayer. Seriously. Wulven for life
    Firesnakes are OP -.-


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