Watching a replay of an ended match
It's cool that there is an opportunity to watch a match again after it has ended.
Unfortunately there is no option to forward, backward, pause/play the replay.

Please offer buttons to forward, rewind, pause/play the replay of a match.

Some game scenes are just to fast to completly realize what just happend.
So I like to have a feature to pause, so I'd have plenty time to watch and analyze the whole board.
If you are e. g. a player which does not know all SE cards from memory, it would be also good to pause the match.
So you can look what card your opponent just played and learn his/her card combination, strategy, ... etc.

I like to have a forward button, so I can fast forward to a particular scene of the match I'd like to see again.
So I do not have to look the whole match again, till I've found the scene I am looking for.

The rewind button you will need to go back if you forward to much, or if you like to see a scene again while you are watching the replay.
So you do not have to restart the replay again.