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    It’s been awhile since our last update…

    First of all, congrats to RS Hello for making to Top 3 in World Cup 2019! Impressive run with his Jericho deck!

    We receive a lot of new applications recently and we are re-starting our Rising Sun Internal Ladder! The format is similar to Legendary Ladder I hosted before. See below link:

    If you want to challenge some of the best players in game, improve your skill level and get some good prize, make sure you apply to RS in no time!

    To apply to RS, send a message to RS Randomguy (Telegram: @RS_RG) or RS Seadog (Telegram: @Seadog).

    We are a fun guild with a lot of professional players. We welcome players of all levels.

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    Hi Anyone looking for applying can contact me RS namcastle. My telegram username is @RSsanji.


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