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    Shard of Power VS Gambit

    Hi guys,

    i need some clarification here.

    Could please somebody tell how come Gambit doesn't work when SoP is on the board?

    Please refer to QM "Mizar VS Black Dread".

    As you notice, gambit doesn't affect the allies at 1hp, however using Kristoffer the ally dies.

    What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance
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    To quote Gondorian:

    Quote Originally Posted by Gondorian View Post
    There are ongoing modifiers (+/- health) and then there are ongoing effects that are not modifiers. Shard is the latter. It puts a continuous condition on the board stating all your allies' HPs are capped at 1HP overruling whatever each really does have.

    Hopefully, this is something everyone can agree on when there are no modifiers involved!

    Let's continue ...

    A critical thing about Shard is that if it enters play and then leaves play, it should be as though it never entered in the first place. It must be able to toggle, in other words. There would be no way to restore the state without having an underlying uncapped health.

    Now, onto modifiers. A modifier is just part of a calculation used to give you the health value. If one can pretend health always has a modifier of +0, then one can accept that there could be an underlying modified uncapped health at all times just like we've agreed there is an underlying uncapped health when there is no modifier, right?

    Then there is the fact that ongoing modifiers have no precedence. There is no SRO order. You just calculate the modifier and apply it. To require people to remember the order they were played would be insane. It's for this reason that if you play a modifier now, it does not suddenly affect the capped value that was shown but it becomes part of the modifier calculation that is always being done.
    Hope that helps !
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