Hi @everyone,

I'm posting my Loest deck 'cause I kinda like it and would love to get some suggestions to make it work better.
It's very solid against serena but lacks against others.

Loest, Savior of Layar

***Allies (20)***
2x Puwen Bloodhelm
3x Aldon the Brave
4x Priest of the Light
2x Champion of Irum
4x Midnight Sentinel
2x Eleanor, Princess of Ellos
3x Phoenix Urigon

***Abilities (19)***
4x Fireball
4x Lightning Strike
3x Portal
4x Retreat!
4x Road Less Traveled

***Items (4)***
4x Vial of Conjuring

TOTAL: 43 cards + Hero

Midnight sentinel is a key card in here and retreat and RLT let you play it again ... or replay phoenix urigon before it dies ... or POL ... opponents don't like to kill urigon 'cause it comes back, so it's a solid allie if buffed with sentinel and even better if eleanor is in play.

All the other cards are just support for the strategy. Portal is in there because it can be strong if you have time to take a breath, but I sac it almost all the time...

regards, Mr. woodpecker