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Thread: What to do next

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    Question What to do next

    Hey all,

    I've been playing this game for few weeks about a year ago. Then forgot password and couldn't login even after resetting (special characters not supported).

    Now that I've figured it out I started playing again. I tried 3 seasons of meltdown and did pretty well accommodating some gold.
    All I have now is Maya portal deck, 700 crystals and 160k gold.

    I'd like to ask where to go from here. How many decks can i build with my resources? Which decks to build?

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    Since you can definitely build at least one deck, why not start from there? You've done the portal thing a bit, now what style appeals to you? What do you want more of? If you want to have the most flexibility to change decks later, then stick with shadow, maybe try a GB deck, like Leviosablade's ping n' burn. Or get farther away from Maj and try elementalis. Or go to the opposite side in terms of style and theme and try Zhanna...really all up to you now. Don't worry about economy so much though, just go for what sounds fun!
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    160K G and 700 SC is more than enough to get you every viable card in 3 playsets. That can pretty much build anything you want

    Have fun lol.
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