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    Quote Originally Posted by FDL View Post
    (as revealed by GDC on the shoutbox)

    If we have time before the official Fatesrelease... pls!!... a little photoshop work can fix this "paint eye shine" effect in the horse x.x
    The art is not bad, but the shine looks like a work from a kindergarden kid

    Quote Originally Posted by FDL View Post
    Really consistent art with the card effect, i love it *-*
    Soothjaw ability allways sound like a "Wulven nigromant" or something like

    Quote Originally Posted by FDL View Post
    Looks great, and looks like a protector... i was thinking in a switch with Riphide should be nice but looking in detail, this looks really like the Wulven Protector...
    So lets look for other solution for Riphide Art :3

    Quote Originally Posted by FDL View Post
    Aaaand this is the only really problem that i see in the new arts... doesnt look really like the FATTY wulven that we found in Riphide...
    I was testing in photoshop, maybe just a Zoom is sufficient for improve the effect of power :3

    Quote Originally Posted by FDL View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by FDL View Post
    This 2 cards look really awesome for me =) and Pithing Spear is working really cool in some Logan tests :v
    Quote Originally Posted by FDL View Post

    LMAO, i love that we have too funy cards xD!

    Really ty for the job to every dev and designer =)
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    Here!! Arcania Expansion !! come and share you ideas!! suggest balanced fixes!! comment you favorite idea!! lets do a virtual edition with 200 cards of user's creations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Preybird View Post
    Are you saying Oliver Fagin look[s] like [a] cartoon character...?
    Actually I searched for this thread just to state my appreciation for the upgrade to Fagin's art. I don't like Reverberate or Frying Pan, but Fagin now looks very good, and I also like his art's congruence with his character and ability.

    cartoony art has always been prevalent.
    Present, but not prevalent, in SE--fortunately.

    I think the thing that throws people is that of all the sets SF has the most artists working on it, which leads to a greater disparity in style.
    I agree, and this is jarring. I hope SE follows L5R, probably the second-most successful CCG, in eschewing the cartoon style. But I think SF has generally been a step in the right direction. I could name many cards as evidence (maybe the majority), but will mention:

    Zailen Crusader
    Corpse Shifter
    Yari Shieldbearer
    Shriek of Revulsion
    Widespread Decay

    And all of Eve Ventrue's cards, like

    Hunter's Gambit
    Eriss Fateweaver
    Irina, Guardian of the Swan
    Sword Thief
    Eleanor, Princess of Ellos
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    It's funny, I was just thinking about the missing card art today? I mean, I am pretty sure it's been long enough that Wulven could release a minor update with the rest of art.

    SF has been in beta for a very long time and I think we are overdue from a "state of SE address" by Kyle.. or at least GDC.
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