Hello there! I've recently got a friend of mine to play the game, but don't seem to be able to search for him in-game when I play on my Mac.

I tested in the browser version, and had no problem seeing his games. We tried the other way around, and he can't see my games played on Mac, but if I play in the browser version, he can see those games.

He is playing on iPad.

Iv'e played most of my games on Mac, and I've played MANY MANY MANY games. (Top 100 with a rating of only 225-230)

So, even though I'm no pro and still learning, I think he can learn something from my games, and it's kind of annoying I'm forced to play browser version in order for him too see my games.

I searched for other great players like BP Lentan in the Mac version, and I could see his games, so it's not because the search function is broken on Mac version.

Isn't the versions on browser, iPad and Mac the same?

I've tried to delete and reinstall the game both from App Store and also directly from here. Still no fix.

Best regards.