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    Raikka Spellseeker Deck

    Hello Everybody,...

    I always find a challenge in making a good deck with a less-loved hero in this game. Here are my thoughts on a Raikka Spellseeker Deck:

    1x Raikka Spellseeker
    2x Plasma Behemoth
    4x Belladonna
    4x Carniboar
    3x Fireball
    3x Lightning Strike
    2x Tome of Knowledge
    2x Portal
    2x Supernova
    2x Sacrificial Lamb
    2x Ley Line Nexus
    1x Wrath of Summer
    2x Bloodthirsty
    4x Rampant Krygon
    4x Voracious Arachnid
    2x Infernus, Tyrant of the Damned

    40 Cards in total

    This Deck hasn't been beaten by the AI in the world but then again, the AI isn't much of a challenge.
    It is fun to play with. The combinations possible with Carniboar, Rampant Krygon, Voracious Arachnid and Bloodthirsty and Raikka's Spellseeker 's cheap ability (only 3SE) in the early part of the game provides answers for nearly anything. Specially the Rampant Krygon (and it's ability) is a nice card: It kills weak enemies and it can boost up the Carniboar and the Voracious Aracnid power to do the necessary killing to boost them up. Same goes for the Bloodthirsty card.
    I've started out with 4 portals, as you can see there's 2 left. I've noticed that I had control of the battle most of the time and sacked them mostly. I've replaced them for 2 Supernova 's. The Belladonna is in it to obtain more cards. The Plasma Behemoth is in it for it's ability: To do 4 damage when hero's / allies have stealth.
    Infernus, Tyrant of the Damned card provides a nice combination with the ability of Raikka.

    I hope this mage will get more love

    By the way I've put a lot of effort in posting this message so please let me know how you feel about this deck. I hope this mage gets more love now.

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    Well, I have been thinking about this hero recently, and I think this deck could be a great aggro deck.
    Still, I think that the "2x Infernusicon, Tyrant of the Damned" might not be necessary.I think with this deck,you are able to finish the opponent
    before the infernusicon can have much influence. Maybe put 1 fireball in and keep 1.
    I am not a great player, my QM ranks around 250 only. These are my thoughts only. Have fun playing!


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