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Thread: v2.8509

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    Post v2.8509


    We're happy to announce the rollout of v2.8509 onto the live server! This is a huge update, featuring a ton of bug fixes, new targeting system, and playmats. Thanks to everyone who helped out by reporting bugs and testing on the test server!

    Update Status

    web: out now
    android: out now
    PC: pending
    MAC: pending
    iOS: pending submission

    Balance Changes

    • [SE-721] - Desperate Tactics should require weapon to be destroyed
    • [SE-737] - Shattered Fates Wording Fixes for 2.85

    Bug Fixes

    • [SE-398] - Ally death and combat with Violet Thunderstorm
    • [SE-589] - Drag and Drop doesn't work with stolen cards
    • [SE-638] - Drag and drop with Shriek or Poison Arrow doesn't work
    • [SE-678] - Prismatic field triggers on the turn it was used
    • [SE-681] - Nathanias can summon abilities for free as well
    • [SE-682] - Order that killed allies enter the graveyard is not consistent
    • [SE-683] - Lythian Sledgehammer lets you have multiple weapons
    • [SE-684] - Lythite Coating gets removed from Rothem's Visage
    • [SE-685] - Holy Shield prevents damage from the sustain of Confluence of Faith
    • [SE-687] - Spitfire Hound resolves the effect in the wrong order
    • [SE-688] - When your deck is empty, activating Aramia's ability makes the game freeze
    • [SE-689] - Transmogrification Curse breaks the unique rule for items by turning multiple copies of the same ally into artifacts
    • [SE-693] - Coercion works even if A Legend Rises is attached.
    • [SE-694] - Disciple of Aldmor is affected by Hero SE abilities.
    • [SE-695] - Sword of Might doesn't have +1 attack while attacking a high-cost ally
    • [SE-696] - The Harder They Fall doesn't follow the Standard Resolution Order when there are two allies with the same attack value on board.
    • [SE-697] - Thunderstone Golem gets damaged by Living Armor when it has immunity to electrical damage.
    • [SE-698] - Urigon's Fang only freezes creatures that attack you until the end of that turn.
    • [SE-699] - Anmor's Horn removes resources from the bottom of the resource pile.
    • [SE-700] - Bone Saber - last in play undead ally with highest attack is the one that performs attack not the first one in board.
    • [SE-701] - Final Flourish can't be used when you have no shadow energy.
    • [SE-702] - Layarian Diplomat not working on many SF cards (e.g. A. Wisp, Woodland Spotter, Stardust Amplifier)
    • [SE-703] - Ogloth the Glutton gains health up from 0, which should not be possible
    • [SE-704] - Twilight Champion gains +1/+1 to allies dying to supernova and therefore survives Supernova
    • [SE-705] - Morbid Acolyte doesn't work on Irina, Guardian of the Swan and Spirit Warden
    • [SE-706] - Champion of Irum on 2HP should survive when Furrion Terror is summoned
    • [SE-707] - Retreat should not work on friendly ally with Selfishness
    • [SE-708] - Mind Control does not go to graveyard if the targeted ally can't attack
    • [SE-709] - All Hope is Lost damage is being prevented by Holy Shield
    • [SE-710] - Aural Battery did not increase Banebow's ability damage.
    • [SE-711] - Many issues with effects triggering from "killed"
    • [SE-712] - Mind Control is treated like an attachment by Wizent's Shimmercloak
    • [SE-713] - Lyra Blackrose should trigger when ability fully resolved
    • [SE-714] - Garth's Concoction controller doesn't get 1 damage from Molten Destroyer
    • [SE-715] - Embers of the Just damage goes through Spelleater Bands
    • [SE-716] - Blackened Heart not giving proper immunity
    • [SE-717] - Living Armor discarding Brimstone Devourer - Disciple of Aldmor should not be immune
    • [SE-718] - Black Garb against ally with Holy Shield should allow hero to defend
    • [SE-719] - Bloodthirsty does not trigger when Rampant Krygon uses its ability to kill an ally.
    • [SE-720] - Potential issues with effects triggering from "kills"
    • [SE-722] - Wulven Rally should be cancelable if no targets selected
    • [SE-723] - Vozitian Orders is disallowing some valid targets
    • [SE-724] - Moonlight Bracers stolen from opponent isn't giving my weapon +1 durability when destroyed.
    • [SE-725] - Justicar Alysia should increase attack damage before armor reduces it
    • [SE-727] - Dakrath and Ironhide Karash should reduce damage after it has been dealt (therefore after other damage reduction)
    • [SE-728] - Aramia's ability with no valid targets puts opposing hero in grave when you click DONE
    • [SE-729] - Weevil-tipped Crossbow loses 2 durability when defending
    • [SE-730] - Embers of the Just issues when targeted and destroyed
    • [SE-731] - Make implementation of "targeted and destroyed" effects consistent
    • [SE-732] - Shard of Power should be implemented as a post-cap on calculated health value
    • [SE-733] - AI: Ter Adun likes to destroy his own items
    • [SE-734] - Reserve Weapon and Lythian Sledgehammer issues
    • [SE-736] - Spiked Bolas Strike damages wrong player if stolen ally leaves the board
    • [SE-738] - Gromm's Whip - if the ally leaves the field and comes back the same turn it should not have the bonus


    • [SE-604] - Improve Login/Register system
    • [SE-651] - Improved end of battle screen
    • [SE-735] - Add visual indicator for Protector

    New Features

    • [SE-691] - Custom playmats
    • [SE-692] - New targeting system
    • [SE-726] - Add zoomed in attack/health numbers that are easy to read

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    I can't wait. Awesome work. Thanks.
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    when we will see new art?

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    We should thank Gondorian for most of these fixes. He's been working very hard.

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    The card list has been updated now.

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    do we have new arts? I don't see any
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    There is new art (assuming I didn't miss it before). A few examples would be the stardust duo, shocking grasp, grimghast, corpse hurler (renamed to corpse shifter), Nathanias, Spiked Bolas Strike (renamed Enslave the Beast), among others.

    If there are going to be a bunch of name changes, it does help to include them in the patch notes btw. It clears things up.

    Also, my personal opinion still kind of remains the same. I don't like how were losing the flavor the art used to provide for seemingly random artwork (which is also causing name changes that may or may not work). Not all of it is that way, but a good chunk and I feel its making less memorable cards, even if they are used.

    I also get a bad server response when going to the challenge screen, not sure if that's an isolated issue or not so I thought I would mention it.

    PS, thanks for putting in more playmats than just the two on the server and lowering the price to something more reasonable (200 SC as opposed to 500 SC btw). Also, there are some non-card art on there as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy Is Here View Post
    do we have new arts? I don't see any
    Around 30 new ones. Still 70 missing. WTF.
    Playmats cost 200 Crystals.
    Backgrounds are black and white. WTF.

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    the playmat shop is pretty bugged, if you click on a 2nd play mat after clicking on a first the game kinda messes up and they start stacking on top of each other

    -click on a playmat once
    -click on another playmat in background that is to right or under where the first was located and it should replace the first one in background
    -click on 2nd playmat again and it will zoom in but not show up cause its behind the first one
    -keep clicking on other playmats
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