2.8509 is now on the test server. What's in it?

Well, it's a lot like 2.8507, but with all the bugs found since that went up fixed.

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FIXED in 2.8509

* SE-734 - Reserve Weapon and Lythian Sledgehammer issues - FIXED
* SE-735 - Add visual indicator for protector - FIXED
* SE-736 - Spiked Bolas Strike damages wrong player if stolen ally leaves the board. - FIXED
* SE-720 - Wymer the Lionheart and Crystal Titan only trigger on an attack kill. - FIXED
* Auotcast bug and associated sync errors - FIXED
* Self-targeting isn't working for Zhanna, Rampant Krygon and others - FIXED
If you are able to get onto the test server to play some games, it would be very much appreciated. Please report back whether it works fine or not. Many thanks.