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    Test Server 2.8507 (all known card bugs fixed)

    Hi again.

    2.8507 went up the test server several hours ago, but I was out-of-action (ill and then asleep) so couldn't alert you. Sorry about that.

    What's in it?

    Well, it's a lot like 2.8506, but with all the bugs found since that went up fixed.
    The AI has also been completely reworked, so be sure to report any issues you notice.
    The ending screens got a bit of a makeover.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gondorian View Post
    * Belladonna has arcane damage when it should be sword. (This has been in the game since forever and will have affected some arcane type cards.) FIXED in 2.8507.
    * Fleet-footed Messenger ALWAYS give back the card you put in deck if your deck has EXACTLY 3 cards. FIXED in 2.8507
    * Ghostmaker doesn't trigger twice if damage other than combat damage happened in combat. (Doesn't work with Violet Thunderstorm or Threbin.) FIXED in 2.8507.
    * Healing Touch owned by opponent but controlled by you should LEAVE attachments you control and REMOVE attachments opponent controls. FIXED in 2.8507
    * Holy Shield does not prevent an ally from being killed if it is killed by non-damage. FIXED in 2.8507 (Holy Shield temporarily grants ally minimum of 1HP while attached, since 0HP always means dead in Shadow Era.)
    * Lythian Sledgehammer effect not working on last durability. FIXED in 2.8507.
    * Mimic to should exile its target card even if player chooses to cancel casting it. FIXED in 2.8507.
    * Mimic is not properly checking target cards for whether they can be cast. FIXED in 2.8507.
    * Raikka's fire damage for friendly allies only lasts until end of the turn. FIXED in 2.8507.
    * Rod of Smiting is not showing attack icon correctly. FIXED in 2.8507.
    * Shard of Power is causing allies in hand and in graveyard to display with 1HP. FIXED in 2.8507.
    * Twilight Champion will grow if you view and close the graveyard, based on number of Twilight allies in it. FIXED in 2.8507.
    * What Big Teeth is showing the attack value in a white box instead of a claw like the unzoomed attack icon. FIXED in 2.8507.
    * When Wulven Scout enters play without being summoned, you don't always get to see the opponent's hand that turn. It works correctly as of your next turn. CAN'T REPRODUCE (worked fine for me)
    * Xar Modulator returning Backstab or Silent Strike from graveyard draws a card. FIXED in 2.8507.
    If you are available to test, please get on the test server. The previous version got an occasional sync error but we have hopefully addressed that now. Only lots of games can help us find out.

    FIXED in 2.8509

    * SE-734 - Reserve Weapon and Lythian Sledgehammer issues - FIXED
    * SE-735 - Add visual indicator for protector - FIXED
    * SE-736 - Spiked Bolas Strike damages wrong player if stolen ally leaves the board. - FIXED
    * SE-720 - Wymer the Lionheart and Crystal Titan only trigger on an attack kill. - FIXED
    * Auotcast bug and associated sync errors - FIXED
    * Self-targeting isn't working for Zhanna, Rampant Krygon and others - FIXED


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