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    Boris Deck...suggestions wanted

    This is my first post, I'm a total beginner at level 11 and 200 rating. I want to improve my rating further.

    After reading some posts and playing with a suggested boris deck (I cant find the thread now)
    This is my modified recent Boris Deck

    1 X Hero

    2 X Jasmine
    2 X Lily
    3 X Puwen
    3 X Raven
    3 X Aldon
    2 X Sandworm
    2 X Aeon

    total 17 allies

    Abilities and Items:
    2 X Reserve Weapon
    1 X War Banner
    2 X Smashing Blow
    1 X Enrage
    3 X Crippling Blow
    1 X Rampage
    4 X Blood Frenzy
    3 X Retreat!
    2 X Bad Santa

    19 Abilities

    2 X The King's Pride

    2 Armors

    2 X Berserker's Edge

    2 Weapons

    40 Cards + Hero

    A little about what is in my head...
    I had 4 jasmine before in my deck, i replaced 2 with lily.
    lily can bring back exhausted weapons in play.
    Had 3 Eon Before, replaced one for Rampage.
    Rampage maybe useful sometimes, but I had enrage included already so it will be added benefit.
    Got rid of a Crippling blow, a smashing blow and one retreat for 2 berserker's edge and 2 reserve weapon(previous deck was 39+hero, so i made it 40 + hero for that extra reserve weapon.)
    My allies keep me up till turn 5 and thereafter weapon comes into play...if it does not, i can still rely on my allies for board control till the weapon comes into play. after the weapon gets exhausted, Either lily or Reserve weapon can be used to bring it back.

    I would like suggestions to improve this deck...yet to test it on live server.

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    Nice set up instead of bad santa use tainted oracle I'd take out raven wildheart for 2x more jasmine and 1 more puwen. But hey welcome to the game! If your ever interested in amping up the game and making some friends join a guild if course I'll recommend blue phoniex if you ask me because it's awesome! But I'd check out the other guilds like alpha predator team juggernaut EX ETC e2e and many more!
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    Hey man. Welcome to the game. At the moment, it looks like your deck is completely from the first Call of the Crystals set. I would at least consider taking a look at some of the cards from Dark Prophecies (and Shattered Fates if you want to play in the live Beta). There are some really awesome cards.

    Braxnorian Vetran can be super useful for Warriors, especially if you are running lots of attachments. Braxnorian Temptress, Wild Berserker, Yari Spearman and Stalwart Battleguard are all warrior specific allies from Dark Prophecies.

    General human allies like Champion of Irum, Layarian Seductress, Braxnorian Soldier are all worth looking at, and cards like Treasured Heirloom and A Legend Rises are super useful.

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    Is coming along well. Take out reserve weapon, you only have 2 swords.. reserve weapon does not count as another. Replace berserker's edge for dragon's tooth for more control options. Add more Jasmine, replace bad santa for some other draw option, you won't benefit from it as much as your opponents due to the slow pace of this deck. Max out Cripping blow and you are good to go.
    i would also remove either rampage or enrage and war banner, but that is just my personal preference.
    Good luck!

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    You may check a couple of warrior staples in the new SF pool:
    - Yari Bladedancer > Puwen
    - Yari Marksman highly synergizes with Crippling Blow

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