ARGH. I spent half an hour burning a Zhanna Mist (with a Zhanna Mist) down to 11 cards. She played a retreat and BOOM. Game over. Extreme frustration. Then, to add insult to injury - the game isn't really "over" until I exit the game as instructed. The result? I get tagged with a DEFEAT and my rating gets smashed down again.... dammit, WTF?!? How does that make any sense?

I have no doubt that I had the upper hand... I had two Tidal Waves sitting in my hand, about to wipe his/her forces off the map, and a thirty plus cards left in my deck, plus a resurrection in my hand.

This is annoying, just about the only game I won tonight was when a Zaladar apparently got pissed off at how hard I was to kill, and ended the game despite the fact that I'd just cocked up my card play and he likely had the upper hand at least to a degree. On the other hand, I got tagged with multiple random defeats not of my own making.

Seriously, this game rocks, but the bugs are just fatal to the experience. What the hell is this multi-player sync issue anyway? I've never run into it before in any other online game.