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Thread: Loest testing

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    Loest testing

    Ok so first I do not hardly play constructed decks, mostly like meltdown when I am in the playing mood. I have started messing with Loest and thought I'd share some of the idea's through a very non competitive (as far as 300+ is concerned) test deck I just started messing with recently. Suggest all you want it will be mostly thoughts for other players and not so much myself, unless they are really good suggestions.

    Hero - Loest


    2x Kristoffer
    2x Aldon
    4x Priest of the Light
    2x Fleet-footed Messenger
    3x Layarian Seductress
    1x Spirit Warden
    1x Braxnorian Soldier
    1x Aeon


    2x Retreat
    4x Fireball
    4x Lightning Strike
    3x Supernova
    1x Road Less Traveled
    2x Treasured Heirloom
    2x Curse of the Aldmor
    1x A Legend Rises
    1x Ley Line Nexus


    2x Tome of Knowledge
    2x Voice of Winter

    So no big write up either, Id say this is not even close to a beginners deck (so save your gold) and not even intended as a top tier deck in any way.

    Here are the few thoughts I'll add:

    Loest's ability = top deck the card I need NOW to remove anything almost

    Some early possible speed on the board and control with a little beat down, some answers to some of the top decks especially any deck that relies heavily on shadow energy (MS Prax Garth etc). I've tried it a few times in QM and did okay, not enough times to really tell anything though, able to knock out a Moonstalker which I hoped it would (did not look like a typical MS deck though). Control in this game is subtle and fleeting and is more "disruption" than total control (unless you're just stomping the opponent) and as such any deck trying to employ these elements would need a bit more skill to play. As you can see every card chosen (except tome sort of) has an immediate effect on the game, which I find especially useful in creatures since they don't always stay around too long.

    Anyway just curious to see some movement with Loest because well his picture is so darn cool. Thx for reading and GL!

    *note gone*
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