Interested in some help with an Elementalis deck:

40 cards

Hero: Elementalis

Allies (18)
3x Ironhide Karash
4x Frostmare
4x Harbinger of the Lost
3x Carniboar
4x Rotling

Abilities (17)
4x Mind Control
3x Sacrificial Lamb
3x Mindless Ferocity
3x Bloodthirsty
2x Soul Reaper
2x Shadow Font

Items (4)
4x Ascendant of the Horde

The idea is to run lots of cheap allies, protected by Ascendant of the Horde, and then buffed by hero ability, attachments, or growth

1) Should i adjust the ally mix? I don't really rate the abilities of the other cheap allies, except maybe Twisted Familiar (Flare, Plightbred Runt, Rapacious Vermin, Spitfire Hound, Brutalis, Fire Snake, Hellsteed, Dark Flayer)
2) Should i change the attachments? (e.g. life infusion, blackened heart, flesh infusion)
3) I'm thinking of taking out Shadow Font - the hero ability comes round often enough, and i'd rather play more allies instead
4) any weapons / armour?