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    Victor, twilight hunter

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. Id like some input on my deck in progress. What can I do to make it better? Right now it feels a little ally heavy, but I feel it almost needs to because of the twilight synergies.

    1 x Victor

    Allies: 19
    4 x Twilight herald
    3 x Twilight opportunist
    2 x Twilight shaman
    2 x Twilight ritualist
    4 x Twilight warden
    4 x Twilight champion

    Abilities: 14

    3 x Treasured heirloom
    4 x Ravens gambit
    2 x Road less traveled
    3 x Strength of conviction
    2 x Poor quality

    Items: 9

    3 x Soul seeker
    2 x Spirit shuriken
    4 x Ritualist headress

    Total: 42 + hero

    Ok so the general strategy,
    Weapons + victor's ability + gambit help to keep board control, while the twilight synergies with ritualist headress let you constantly pump out beefy allies. Example: twilight herald ability to give twilight champion 1/1 boost, headress to sac the herald giving champion another 2/2 boost and an extra 1/1 boost for the champions ability and bam you have a 7/9 ally on the board for your opponent to deal with and you can have it out by turn 4. Maybe ive just been lucky so far, but ive gone 8 for 9 with it and my only loss was a drop because i got a phone call. Again any help would be appreciated, thanks for looking

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