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    Victor the controller

    First time to post a Victor deck, working pretty nicely so far

    Victor Heartstriker


    Champion of Irum *2
    Jasmine Rosecult *3
    Aldon the Brave *3
    Spirit Warden *2
    Deepwood Bobcat *4
    Artful Squire *3
    Armored Sandworm *3
    Aeon Stormcaller *3


    Poison Arrow *4
    Raven's Gambit *4
    Road Less Traveled *3
    Ley Line Nexus *2


    Soul Seeker *4

    Let me know what you think!

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    how do you cope with only 2 t2 drops and only raven with rlt for draw? biggest struggle with victor has been trying to establish reliable draw that doesn't kill momentum as bad as wotf

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    I agree with jcbow, your resource distribution across your Allies is a little skewed. I would look at reducing your 3CC and increasing your 2CC by 2. Using cards like Wrath of the Forest or Pride of the Mountain definitely impact on your momentum but there are a few ways you can improve your draw with a Victor deck that don't include using these armors:

    1. Include Tainted Oracle in your Ally pool
    2. Add Treasured Heirloom (a TO in attachment form) and/or Honored Dead
    3. Have Road Less Traveled (which Shadowray has) in your deck - it also doubles as a workaround for disabling effects like Crippling Blow, Captured Prey etc.

    You can also utilise pseudo-draw by including cards like Bounty Hunter, which has good synergy with Poison Arrow or the two new Shattered Fates cards - Anmor's Call and Anmor's Horn.

    Edit: Anmor's Horn is currently bugged but the design team are aware of the issue.

    Those are just a few suggestions, otherwise it looks solid. Your Ally count is about right, you want 20+ Allies in a Victor control deck and 4 x Poison Arrow and Raven's Gambit are almost a must with SF Victor.
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