Victor Heartstriker

***Allies (18)***
4x Twilight Herald
3x Twilight Opportunist
4x Twilight Shaman
3x Demetreyo, Twilight Extremist
2x Twilight Ritualist
2x Twilight Warden

***Abilities (15)***
2x Poison Arrow
2x Ley Line Nexus
2x Treasured Heirloom
4x Raven's Gambit
3x Strength of Conviction
2x Road Less Traveled

***Items (4)***
2x Snare Trap
2x Ricochet Trap

***Armors (2)***
2x Wrath of the Forest

TOTAL: 39 cards + Hero


So this is my new build, haven't played it much yet so I'm not sure how it will behave on higher ratings (I also test a lot of different decks so i rarely achieve ratings higher than 270-300).

The play style is pretty much rush and board control with all the cards providing a very stable and solid synergy between them and you know what that means, synergy = fun.

Road less travelled will return your about to die twilight while giving you extra draw, ravens gambit is self explanatory with victor, treasured heirloom works like a charm as well, the overlooked strength of conviction is cheap and catches your opponent with the pants on his hand...

Demetrio + SoC + Twilight herald = 7 early damage ; use a RLT on Demetrio and he'll be ready for the next ride.

Any ideas sugestions more than welcomed, as I said, still testing/tuning so I'll change accordingly.