Hello guys
Victor is my main hero for this season. SF gave many support to Victor especially for draw and ally. This is my victor deck abusing synergy between Victor, Raven's Gambit and Knight of Unaxio. This deck success brought me to 270-280 range.

Victor Heartstriker

3 Champion of Irum
3 Aldon the Brave
3 Spirit Warden
4 Zailen Crusader
2 Knight of Unaxio
2 Viska, The Scarlet Blade

4 Snare Trap
4 Poison Arrow
4 Raven's Gambit
2 A Legend Rise
2 Ley Line Nexus

4 Wrath of the Forrest
2 Soul Seeker

Okay the main idea is: Knight of Unaxio discard Raven's Gambit than bring back Raven's Gambit to hand with Victor ability. Your opponent -1 ally and you gain 2 free card plus 1 5/6 readied ally.

***Personal Choice and tech***

Knight of Unaxio vs Bobcat
Bobcat is a beast but i dont want Victor recycle a silly Bobcat without have any card to trigger Bobcat ability.

3cc Ally
I prefer to have hard to kill ally like Spirit Warden if going second. Warrior and mage will struggle against it.

Viska vs Aeon
Viska is the best human ally imo and effective against weapon based hero. Aeon effective too but Viska can affect the board when she is summoned. But he is also useful to protect buffed Knight of Unaxio.