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    Exclamation Card dragging is inconsistent.

    Sometimes I can't attack using card drag so when that happens I have to do it the other much hassle way... Click the ally and click attack and click the enemy ally to attack which consumes much more time. When this bug happens, it goes on till the end of the match.

    Also when you get cards from other players via card ability such as Dimension Ripper, you CAN'T drag that card. Never been able to drag cards from the enemy.

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    Hmmm, odd, I thought they fixed that you couldn't drag cards from the opponent like through Dimension Ripper.

    As for not being able to drag some allies for attacks, my guess would be that these are allies that have an ability you can activate at the time, like a Jasmine when you have at least 2 resources and an opposing ally out who you can stop from attacking. In those cases you won't be able to drag to attack because the game will think you would want to use the ability first.
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